Summoning the Bygones

by Bilocate



Summoning The Bygones is BILOCATE's early visions presented in a new outfit, we've always felt that Dysphoria has much value to offer to listeners, however, maybe it got somehow underrated due to the weak sound quality (compared to SDS), so we'd like to share the same spirit and music and ideas with our listeners but with more proper arrangements, production, and sound quality.

The album also includes a modified version of "Days of Joy" under a new name (which is actually the very first name this song had originally when it was created in 2003, in addition to a brand new song and a cover song, we hope you'd enjoy Summoning the Bygones.

Track List:
1. The Tragedy Within
2. Beyond Inner Sleep
3. A Deadly Path
4. Passage
5. Dead Emotion (Paradise Lost cover)
6. Hypia
7. 2nd War in Heaven
8. A Desire to Leave
i. Obscurity
ii. Surrounding Hell
iii …Of Leaving

Total run time 72:42


released June 11, 2012

Summoning the Bygones was recorded between February and June 2011 By BILOCATE.

Produced & Arranged by BILOCATE, co-produced by Jens Bogren Mixed and mastered at Fascination street studios, Orebro - sweden by Jens Bogren

Music by BILOCATE, Music on “Dead Emotion” originally by Paradise lost taken from the album “Gothic” released in 1991 on Peaceville Records, the track was re-arranged and re-produced by Waseem Essayed

All lyrics by Ramzi Essayed except: “A Desire to leave” by Waseem Essayed, and “Dead Emotion” by nick Holmes - Paradise lost

Drums composed and digitized by Waseem Essayed, Recorded by Ahmed Kloub, Engineered by Jens Bogren

Guitars composed and recorded by Rami Haikal and Baha’ Farah, Bass composed and recorded by Hani Al Abadi at “the Phexagon studio” with sound technician Mohannad Bursheh, Amman – Jordan.

Vocals recorded by Ramzi Essayed
at “in the Mix” studios and co- produced with sound engineer Nash Planojevic, Dubai – UAE.

Guest vocal on “Hypia” and “A Desire to leave” by Dan Swano

Keyboards, Percussion & Pianos composed, recorded and engineered by Waseem Essayed, technical consultation by Rami Haikal

Pre-production and editing by Rami Haikal
Art Direction by Matthew Vickerstaff and Bilocate. illustration, Digital arts and layout by Matthew Vickerstaff -



all rights reserved


Bilocate عمان, Jordan

Keeping the flame of metal alive in Jordan, that’s what Bilocate is doing right now. The band was formed back in 2003 and since then has witnessed the somewhat modest rise of the Jordanian metal scene. While there is dozens of bands around in one form or another, there are only four or five bands that can actually play live and have actual studio recordings available...full bio on ... more

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Track Name: Hypia
Days of joyous pain are passing
Alone I drowned in my existence
She's trying to understand …our life
She looks deep inside… where lost souls hide

It was never as dark
And I can see further… when I close my eyes
Far beyond the oceans of time
And am dying with shame

That hollow love I'll give for you
I'll stay with you for a while… then I'll go in my way
You'll reach under my skin and hide from your fears
Alone in the dark awaiting the sunrise to end our journey

And many moons of sorrow are passing
Fixation upon this everlasting nation
Towards this dark side of living
Days of joy ended

This time I'm searching for my Life
These days will come… to remember
Upon the forever land
Days of joy

Days of joyous pain are passing
Far beyond my eternal sleep
Track Name: The Tragedy Within
All the mornings that passed
Gathering a grief to last
A new pain is born
A misery with no demise
Just a tragedy within

Many years of my life
Moaning to their divine
And the mourners I’ve seen
Are struggling in between
Their forgotten days… and the days to come

No words that I have
About the unknown of life
Nothing can take me (out) of
My blasphemous life

Another day had come

God is waiting... We are bearing
A day will come when no one is wrong
And a life had passed
With no one to regret the cries we lived
And the times we’ve lost

And I know a life will be reborn
A young sky will witness
All what I’ve said and more
Will be repeated on thy soul
Until the end of time…Farewell